Chronically Fit: Where to from here?

If you hadn’t noticed I had a 2 year hiatus from posting anything on this site. Guess I went in head first with it and got burnt out immediately, on top of being too caught up with everything else in my life. Along with this I really didn’t have a great plan for it, while I knew roughly what I wanted I also tried to do something that I’m probably not the person for. And so, I’m at crossroads of what to do with my website.

To tell the truth I was about a minute from cancelling the domain and erasing all history of this little project, until I was hit with a wave of ideas and decided against that. I started this with good intentions to try and help people where I’d needed help and not been able to find it, and so I felt as though I’d be letting myself down by abandoning it. I wanted to experiment with my own UC journey and document my findings, get involved in research and trials, be a professional and write about my diet and fitness regime but everything’s been turned on its head and that’s kinda gone out the window. I’ll still do my best to share what I first intended, however this site is going to be used as a way for me to share my experiences on a more personal level. I find it easier to write about my own experiences, thoughts and feelings rather than copying research papers or jotting down diets – and I hope they’re just as or more effective of a way to help people with IBD.

So for the future, expect a lot of basic blog style posts, sharing how I’m doing and what I’m up to – some related to my UC and some not. I want to show people how medications have worked, how I feel when I do certain things and especially the mental health side of chronic conditions that I’ve faced more over the past year flaring up. If this interests you, if you suffer with IBD and are looking for info, the anecdotal evidence of my journey or just someone to chat to – stick around and read my other articles or feel free to contact me through the contact button or on social media.

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