Our Story

DSCF0014Chronically Fit is the result of my own six month struggle to adapt my training to meet the limitations placed on me by Ulcerative Colitis. When researching information pertaining to diet, fitness and bodybuilding with IBD I ran into a lot of conflicting information. Specialists, scientists and my own GI all told me that diet has no effect on IBD and I could eat whatever I wanted – which proved to be false after my initial flare had subsided and I had a plate of chorizo. Big no-no. I read hundreds of personal accounts on bodybuilding.com with so many people saying they struggled to put on weight as their stomach couldn’t handle being full, while I had put on the original 10kg I’d lost over the flare and another 5kg to go with it; as my stomach didn’t like being empty. It dawned on me when I realised that IBD had the characteristics of almost all other auto-immune conditions, as it manifested itself completely differently from one person to the next. Through watching my Mum battle Fibromyalgia for as long as I can remember, I saw that what it takes to have the most successful outcome with any of these conditions is to always research: read, watch and learn new things – and then to use that information to your benefit. Taking everything on board, trying every possible method to see a slight improvement and building from there. I told a few people my own research and how I’d managed to return to my training better than before diagnosis through many of the methods I’d learned, and then realised that if this resource doesn’t exist for sufferers of chronic conditions why don’t I make it? I have no idea where Chronically Fit will go in time but if I’m able to help people feel better about their life and opportunities after being dealt a somewhat cruel hand then that is truly the best outcome possible.