Sunny Guts follows my journey with ulcerative colitis – featuring blog posts, photo journals, videos and some of my favourite recipes.

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Hell Week – My Experience with J-Pouch Surgery
Two weeks ago I had my ileostomy reversed via J Pouch surgery. It went well, my week in hospital sucked, I don’t know how I feel about any of it. Let’s explore. Me: why does my back hurt so much? Them: I wake up from surgery in my dimly lit hospital room, foggy headed – “I’m alive at least” I think as I try to wrap my …
When you’re looking, there is more to find – Feedback Loops
Feedback loops can dictate our lives; learn how I identified mine, and how to turn negative loops into positive loops.

Gutted Zine

Gutted is a zine project I created to document my journey through the decision to have a total colectomy and ileostomy to treat my ulcerative colitis. The zine highlights the experience predominately through 35mm film photography alongside some of my writing.