Sunny Guts follows my journey with ulcerative colitis – featuring blog posts, photo journals, videos and some of my favourite recipes.

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The Sunny Guts Guide to your friend with a stoma
Have you got a friend that’s recently had surgery to create a stoma? Do you have a stoma and want to educate your friends without having to have any embarrassing conversations? You've come to the right place!
Give me back my normality, wait no not like that
What therapy has taught me about my life and where I'm headed.

Gutted Zine

Gutted is a zine project I’m currently working on, which will document my journey through a total colectomy and subsequent J-Pouch surgery. Using a multitude of media forms such as 35mm film and digital art – the zine aims to showcase this huge change in my life in a raw but inspiring manner. Check back in mid October for orders.

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