Sunny Guts follows my journey with ulcerative colitis – featuring blog posts, photo journals, videos and some of my favourite recipes.

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Learn to make humble sauerkraut- the simplest of all fermentations.
The Sunny Guts Guide to your friend with a stoma
Have you got a friend that’s recently had surgery to create a stoma? Do you have a stoma and want to educate your friends without having to have any embarrassing conversations? You've come to the right place!

Gutted Zine

Gutted is a zine project I’m currently working on, which will document my journey through a total colectomy and subsequent J-Pouch surgery. Using a multitude of media forms such as 35mm film and digital art – the zine aims to showcase this huge change in my life in a raw but inspiring manner. Check back in mid October for orders.

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