Sunny Guts follows my journey with ulcerative colitis – featuring blog posts, photo journals, videos and some of my favourite recipes.

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When you’re looking, there is more to find – Feedback Loops
Feedback loops can dictate our lives; learn how I identified mine, and how to turn negative loops into positive loops.
Hungry Dogs Run Faster – A Tale of Loss Aversion
Loss aversion dictates that the pain of losing something is greater than the joy of receiving it. It could be holding you back, let's fix it.

Gutted Zine

Gutted is a zine project I’m currently working on, which will document my journey through a total colectomy and subsequent J-Pouch surgery. The zine highlights the experience predominately through 35mm film photography alongside some of my writing. Check back in October for updates.


Gutted zine coming soon!

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